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It's really important to me that Written by Lyds can be visited and enjoyed (presumptuous I know) by everyone. At its very core, that's what accessibility means. 


Links to accessibility pages are often hidden away at the top or bottom of a webpage, as if it's not really any of your business. But it absolutely is. Either you:

  • already rely on good accessibility, or

  • don't rely on it right now, but might in the future.

Regardless, you're already benefitting from it in lots of ways without even knowing it. Like magic!

Think about your favourite clothes store. It probably has automatic doors, right? This means a person using a wheelchair can get in and out easily and by themselves. Without them, they couldn't shop in that store. 


They also help the parent with a pushchair. The serious shopper weighed down by bags. The injured footballer on crutches. Accessibility makes everyone's life easier. And that is true positive vibes!


Statement and promise

I've created this website using Wix, because their 'how to' guides give me confidence that they've built their templates with good accessibility in mind. 

I've also followed their checklist to make sure my content is as accessible as possible. I will always do my best to make sure that:

  • all text is large, no smaller than 14pt

  • only clear, legible fonts are used

  • there is good colour contrast between background and text

  • all uploaded images have alt text labels

  • all embedded images, where alt text is not possible, are described within the text it relates to

  • uploaded images with alt text are used over embedded images wherever this is possible

  • headings and content follow the correct structure sequence

  • all links are properly labelled

  • any videos or audio include closed captions


There may be times where good accessibility can't be maintained or achieved, but I will continually work to improve this.

If you find that any part of writtenbylyds is not accessible, please do let me know at I will do what I can to make it better as quickly as possible.

Accessibility statement

Accessibility shout outs!

It's taken time for the world to realise that the biggest barrier to everyone being able to join in, is the way things are designed. 


There's still some way to go, but progress is being made every day and that should always be celebrated. 


So...whenever and wherever you come across good accessibility in your day to day life, I want to hear about it! And when I do, I'll share it in my blog. You can email me or DM me on Instagram.

black and white photo of Lydia making the thumbs up gesture
Black and white image of Lydia placing her hand to her chin. This is the first part of 'thank you' in British Sign Language
A black and white picture of Lydia moving her hand forward, away from her chin, palm up. This is the second part of 'thank you' in British Sign Language
Accessibility shout outs
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