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About me

Hi, I'm Lydia. I'm a writer, a reader, an avid tea drinker, and my favourite of all, Auntie Lydia to the funniest, sweetest and most lovable kids. 

I used to be the corporate career girl, working for a great organisation for a long time. And I loved it. There's no doubt about that. But as can happen, life events pushed me to step back and take some time to breathe. 


In doing so, I rekindled my love for writing. How did I forget how much I bloody love it?! And reading - I've read so much lately and it is joyful!


I think I somehow forgot who I am at my core. Now that I've remembered, I am an advocate for always being authentically me. In my writing, in my beliefs, in my values, and in day to day life. That's why instead of a professional headshot, you've got a photo of me being a delighted knobhead in the snow. 

About me

About Written by Lyds

Written by Lyds was originally created for two reasons.

  1. to give me some purpose since stepping away from the world of work, and

  2. to share my short, light hearted blog posts in an environment that's free from the stresses of the world. I found that everywhere I turned online for some light hearted relief, my space would get hi-jacked by all the worrying, contentious and sad issues in the world that I was trying to escape. So I wanted to create somewhere designed to lift your spirit, heart and soul. Where people and things are only ever talked up, and stress levels are hopefully brought down.

And that is still the case. My blog posts have expanded to include interviews with people and businesses who exude joy and authenticity. I've thrown some book reviews in there too. 

But one blog post in particular has led to Written by Lyds becoming so much more. Back in May 21, I wrote about my fertility journey, as honestly and authentically as I could. It was something I didn't know I wanted to write or share until I found myself tapping away on my laptop. It was read by more people than I could have imagined. And incredibly, it led to offers of work. To write with that simple, raw emotion, on that human to human level, for other people.


I'm doing it, yet I still can't quite believe my luck.


So now, I'm Lydia, the freelance content writer. Lydia, the blogger. Lydia, the aspiring author. Lydia the owner of the growing Written by Lyds brand. 

About Written by Lyds
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